Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Sunday

Hey! Church went well this morning. I think I did a pretty good job preaching. For those of you who are "Pew Jockeys", preaching is not easy. There is always the worry that I will say something totally heretical or will put everyone to sleep. And just because I find something interesting, will anyone else? But, I think it went well.

Then it is off to a surprise party and then off to Nick's. We might go out to a movie or something or maybe just stay home. I bought a bunch of meat from a guy out of the back of his truck. It felt kind of "reality show crime sting" but the meat is good. So we will probably have ribeyes for dinner. It is also cherry season so there is nothing (well almost nothing) better then fresh cherries!

Unfortunately, "The Bugman Cometh" so Nick needs to be there tomorrow morning. But after the bugman does his spraying, we will come back to my place on Monday. Maybe check out some fireworks (or make some of our own!) on Monday night.

Then it is off into the "wild blue yonder." I am becoming more relaxed with flying but I will feel better when I am on the ground next Sunday.

Don't know if I will get to post much next week. I will try to share some pictures.

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Anonymous said...

We hope you and Nick have a great 4th of July.

Our best,

Steve and Warren