Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So what now?

Steve and Warren at North Woods Guys asked me what is next now that my days are severely numbered. My smart a** answer was, "Now I head to get food stamps!" But the North Woods Guys have been good internet friends so I don't want to be a smart a**.

I am hoping to do some supply preaching either in the ELCA or the ECUSA. I also have some experience in psychology and developmental disabilities. I hope to do some temp services. The local community mental health is looking for per hour therapists. I am trusting in God on this one.

The blue pews are winning! People have been so kind and helpful. I have gotten so much support. People have been telling me that they are angry that I have to leave because of that rule and if there is anything I need, all I need to do is ask.


Anonymous said...

At least those food stamps come in nice attractive colors.

Best wishes...God will provide, He really will.

Scott said...

After your comments I had to check out your blog - looks like fun. I'll be back when I have more time.