Thursday, July 27, 2006

"How are you doing?"

I feel a little ashamed to say that I am becoming tired of this question. But I also remind myself that every person who asks is asking out of love and concern.

What is interesting is that I am actually doing quite well. Many of the difficult moments are over. Many of the painful times have passed in the writing of the letter and in making all the choices of leaving the ELCA and people to come out to. I have struggled, often with just Nick to keep me sane. So at this point, I am very content with my station in life. However, for other people, this is something new.

In some cases, this may really be the first time these people have really known someone who was gay. I think in some cases, stereotypes need to change. I don't mind being the element of change.

I just hope people feel open enough to me to ask the questions they need to ask. I hope people will be able to ask the questions that they have wondered and didn't know where to go. If I can do that, then I will be pleased. Also, answering questions solidifies my self-understanding as being a gay man.

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don't eat alone said...

You are making a difficult, important, and courageous choice. Some of the question may be from folks who experientially don't know what those choices feel like. I keep praying your denomination will have some sense of what they are losing by the stand they have chosen.

By the way, if the Episcopal thing doesn't work out, we have lots of room in the UCC. :-)