Thursday, July 13, 2006

More whining...

I give a lot of credit to those of you who have stuck by and waded through all the whining and self-pity. I just find that in the course of one day, I can go from the heights of sunshine to the depths of gloom.

I wonder how this process compares to the Kubler-Ross model of grief? I now seem to find myself floundering between Anger and Depression. Bargaining doesn't seem to enter the picture. Actually, right now, I am really angry. I am angry that the world seems to have it's collective head up it's collective ($%&#()# and is not willing to take it out long enough to see the amount of pain and damage it is causing.

It is frustrating that those who claim to be loving seem to be anything but.

I so want to disappear right now.

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Anonymous said...

Hey my friend...can I offer you this personal motto:

"Each day...look forward, don't look back, keep your chin up and smile. God loves you (me), He is good and the life He has given me is awesome!"

Keep smiling...don't let other people spoil your life - it's not worth it. Live the life you were intended to live and make the most of each day that God has given you.

Warren and Steve