Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another Great Picture

Another great picture!

I am finding all these great pictures after Pride month. Bummer

Stolen from HBJock


Anonymous said...

I'm close to tears to read your blog. Your story, your words, your feelings....they are all SOOO familiar. Though I am not a pastor, I too am working through coming out at a 'later than usual' age. Your blog is a joy to read, though it does scratch at some sore spots of my own. Thank you for being here in cyberspace...and from what clues I can gather...for being near me in a geographical sense as well. You are an encouragement that I badly needed today.

BentonQuest said...

I am so glad my words spoke to you. It was my hope that this blog could help anyone out there that may feel like they alone are going through such things. I started out feeling like I was the only one because I didn't know any other people. Find a support network, it can really help.