Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Back to the Grind

Well, I came back to the office and got thrown into the currents of life. One person had died during the night, another was having a heart procedure, mid-week worship needs to be planned. And in the midst of all of this, my impending departure lurks in the background.

I keep putting off doing the paperwork for the Episcopal Church. I think I feel that if I put it off, I will not have to leave the Lutherans. But as I read The Lutheran (the magazine of the ELCA), I get the feeling that the Lutheran church is never going to change.

Will I ever find a denomination that I can be an adherent of? I am a universalist and that is not accepted by the Lutherans. But I could not love and follow a God that was not a universal God.

Sometimes I will just sit in my office and have to fight back the tears. I hear people say that the Lutherans are so accepting but I am proof that they are just as judgmental as all the others. It gets despressing.


Anonymous said...

Just follow Christ - He won't lead you down the wrong path.

Be strong and keep your eyes open, there is a place for you...I am sure of it. As God closes one door, He is there to open another for us.

Don't give up the faith...

...And I agree - the Lutheran Church will never open their arms in Christ's love to gay men.

If God had wanted you otherwise, He would have created you otherwise. He does have a purpose and plan for you life.

Take care...

Warren and Steve

BentonQuest said...

Thanks guys,

I appreciate the encouragement and support. It is just hard sometimes. Knowing there are people who care makes the journey easier.