Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm Back!

Well, I am back from camp but my back is not. I should explain: I am at home but my back got messed up by sleeping on the ground and now I can't really move. I just kind of hobbled around and then went to some new-age kind of healer because he was near. He really didn't do anything because the next morning I couldn't move. So I drove back home to see my chiropractor before he went on vacation.

I love the new Sonic Drive-In ad. They are talking about their brownie sundae. The mental giants talk about "warm hot fudge." If it is "hot fudge" shouldn't it be hot? If it is warm, shouldn't it be "warm fudge?" That is "somewhat unique."

I was thinking about how we people seem to be the sum of our stories. When we gather, we tell our stories. We share what has happened to us. Blogs are similar only we are not face to face.

The resignation letter is going out today. I guess that means this will be the last "normal" Sunday where I am right now. I hope things go well. People have been great in the past, I hope that continues into the future.

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