Thursday, November 29, 2012


I am a bit stuck.  A journalist wants to interview me for an article on the state of the church and LGBT people.  Now, I would love to tell my story.  I would love to shed some light on the growth that has been made.  But I also would love to point out where things have fallen short.

It is this second point that causes the dilemma.  If I truthfully (or at least the truth as I see it) am I slitting my throat?  They said that I can use a pseudonym, but considering Nic is also going to be in the article, it will be pretty easy to figure out who is speaking.

Yet, when the National Church makes a proclamation, but allows the local bishops to counter this proclamation, what does this say to the world?  Where are the courage of ones convictions?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

30 Days to Go!

Santa is watching!  Oh, Nasty Santa!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Apology in advance

Something happened yesterday.  Yes, we re-elected Pres. Obama, but something else has happened.

I am greatly at peace with leaving the Episcopal church.  I know I have been chatting about this ad nausium, but this feels so much more real.

I got the word from the higher ups that a church I had been working with recently, and in the past, is just going to be allowed to die.  I have tried to talk with them, but have gotten no real answer.

I understand that everyone is overworked (except me!) and that resources are stretched thin, but I am getting tired of waiting for something to happen in the church.  I find no assistance in what I should be doing. I guess I should be smart enough to figure it out myself, but frankly, I am lost.

I feel very childlike in this situation and I am not comfortable with that.  Part of me want's someone to come and rescue me, but I know that is not helpful thinking in any way.

I will start pursuing credentialing in the MCC.  Maybe that will help.  I need to find job for the year or so that it will take to get credentialed.

Not optimal, but it is a way forward.

Oh, the apology: Sorry for always being so maudlin.