Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

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Here is a NSFW photo for you!

Heterosexual Marriage Results in Cruising

The statistics are in! Of cruising occurring in a public rest area, 95% of it is caused by HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE! If we want to stop sex at rest areas, WE NEED TO STOP THOSE HETS FROM GETTING MARRIED!

Well, There They Go Again!

Well, good thing I posted the link to the instruction manual "How to Talk to Your Child About the Next G.O.P. Sex Scandal" because the G.O.P. is forcing us to talk about sex to our children, AGAIN!

Wow, I am a gay male and I have never had sex in a public bathroom. But all of these "straight" Republicans, Family Values Voters, are making our public spaces unsafe for our children.

And as a Halloween aside, the thought of Richard Curtis in red stocking and a black sequined top is mighty scary!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Drinking Dinner

Well, we finally got up the nerver to try a five pack of Jones Holiday Soda. For those of you who are not familiar with it, Jones makes a "Holiday Dinner" in soda form. The 2005 pack I had consisted of these delicacies

Brussel Sprouts Soda
Wild Herb Stuffing Soda
Turkey and Gravy Soda
Canberry Soda
Pumpkin Pie Soda.

We decided to try them in the order of the meal, of course!

Brussel Sprouts was DISGUSTING! One sip was all either of us could stand. Wild Herb Stuffing was a bit better, we managed to get two sips out of that. Turkey and Gravy was back to the one-sip-wonder. It kind of smelled like turkey, but tasted nothing like it. The Cranberry was probably the best of the whole thing. We actually drank all of that. We thought the Pumpkin Pie would be good. Boy, were we wrong! It was not as bad as the Brussel Sprouts, but it was a close call.

All in all, a funny idea, but it is better as an idea and not as an actual experience!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

He's Coming Soon!

Two months 'til Christmas!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Thanks to the GOP

The party that says they are for "Family Values" is forcing everyone to have to talk about the one thing they would like to avoid.

How to Talk to Your Child About the Next G.O.P. Sex Scandal (NSFW)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Well, I guess I am more like Dumbledore

A while back, I posted that according to an online test, I was either Luna Lovegood or Albus Dumbledore. Well considering the new revelation from J.K. Rowling, I guess I am closer to Dumbledore.

It seems that Rowling planned that Dumbledore would be gay and that fact becomes an important aspect of the last book, Harry Porter and the Deathly Hallows. Al thought it is not blatantly stated in the book, an attraction between two men changes the direction of the plot.

I think it is cool the way Rowling has placed the character in the book but did not make a big deal about his sexuality. I guess if she had, the book would have received even more vitriol from the fundamentalists.

But I bet there will be all kinds of hoots and howl es as the Televangelists start with the "I knew there was something Satanic about those books" spiel.

Oh well, I just like the fact that in the literary world, a world that has been read by millions, a beloved gay man can hold one of the most powerful positions.

Dumbledore, my hero!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reunited and it feels so good...


The tests came back negative. We don't know why he felt so bad, but at least it is not his heart. (But a great heart it is!)

Home Alone

I spent last night home alone. Not out by choice. Not because of strife. I spent last night alone because Nick was in the hospital.

On-going blood pressure problems, chest discomfort, and a family history of heart problems finally sent Nick to the local doc-in-a-box. From the doc, he was sent to the hospital. Today they will do some tests.

How will we pay for this? I don't know. Nick is the major breadwinner here. How do we meet the bills? I don't know. What happened to the American dream? Why can't the richest country in the world take care of its own people?

This frustrates me to no end. It becomes a downward spiral: No insurance, don't go to the doctor as needed, wait until it is an emergence, end up in hospital. Along with this is the stress of being in a job with no sick benefits so for everyday of sickness - that is a day of no pay. People are out paying $3000 for a purse while others are dying for lack of care. I don't get it.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Don't Light A Match...

I am probably going to get struck by lightning for posting this. But if lightning strikes, we will all blow up anyway!

Friday, October 12, 2007

First Day Making Coffee

Well, I learned something that I had stated wrongly in a previous post: The coffee establishment I work for does not refer to it as a "skinny latte" it is a "non-fat latte." My trainer chuckled and informed me that it was company policy to not refer to it in that manner.

Otherwise, other than having sore feet and ankles from standing all day, I had a good time! I think I am going to like this job. It doesn't pay a ton, but I think it will be do-able.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Coming Out Day!

Sometimes I feel like I am preaching to the choir here. The question is how do we get the message out to the people who need hear? How do we let the people at Exodus know that although they think they are helping people, they are just creating more problems? I don't know.

Happy Coming Out Day! We are children of God and we are loved!!

Desktop Meme

Lemuel had posted this meme and I thought it looked like fun. Besides, I get to show off one of my favorite pictures. I took the photo on the desktop the night before the Mackinac Bridge Walk.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Job

I start my new job today!

I need to learn phrases like, "Do you want foam on that?" and "Would that be a skinny, half-caf?"

When I was interviewing, the interviewer looked at me and said, "You know, you are way over-qualified." To which I replied, "Yes, but I need a job."

So I begin training.

I need to figure out how this all works. I guess I am hired by the chain with the red and white logo but am working for the Seattle based coffee company. Hopefully this will be more clear by the end of the day.

I do think it will be fun working in a coffee bar.

I will let you know more as this story unfolds.

According to Paul Cameron, I Am Dead...

That's right, according to my favorite Junk Scientist, I should not be alive. He likes to throw around his great statistic that gay men do not live past 42 years but I just turned 43... Humm... Does that mean that I suddenly am attracted to women? Maybe that is how the ex-gay thing works! If I would have known that, I wouldn't have said anything and just waited until I turned 43 and suddenly became happily hetero.

But I don't feel ex-gay...


Could Paul Cameron be WRONG?!? NEVER! He has God on his side! He would never push false results to drive an agenda. He would only tell the truth because he knows that God is strong enough to stand up to the truth. If he would have to bend the truth to protect God, maybe what he is talking about is an idol named "god," not the real God. Or maybe he is protecting some kind of false belief because an almighty God could survive our scince.

But you know, those that live a Christian Lifestyle...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Life, as it is...

Well, I am feeling whiny, but what's new about that, huh?

I have been working temp and have been getting up at 5 am to be to work by 6. But when I get there, there is the search for something to do. The machines have been down so they keep searching for things to keep us busy. I know I should be happy to have a job, but just "keeping busy" is not my idea of a good time.

The problem is, I want a job I just hate applying for them. Why can't places have a stock application that can be filled out, copied, and then passed out. Having to fill in the same thing all the time is just getting old. I know, "Whine, whine..."

I have been starting earlier to make Christmas presents this year. Last year was just too much of a press. I also am thinking of doing some casual teaching of stained glass to people from the church. The church has given me a space to use so I though giving lessons would be a way to give something back.

So, Nick is working and I am doing temp. I am sick of the whole situation. I am sick of Nick feeling bad. I am sick of looking for a job that is nothing what I trained for. I am sick of calls being all over the place and not being able to take one.