Monday, December 29, 2008

I Hate My Job!

I have been dreading thinking a lot about work lately. Every time I think about it, the image that keeps coming to me is the feeling trying to defend myself while having that defense turned back as a form of attack. I try to do my job properly and consciously and just end up getting more and more frustrated.

One reason I can think of is I am an Enneagram 5. It may take me a while to make a decision, but when I do, I am pretty well committed to that decision. As one of my seminary profs would say, "Often wrong, but never in doubt." Then, if the decision is not implemented or another, better idea presented, I become frustrated.

At work, the situation seems obvious: Teach the new people what to do, and follow through on making sure it happens. If they continue to do it incorrectly, then increase the consequences. But don't make me have to pick up the slack. And don't make me feel guilty because I am upset that I have to pick up their slack.

I also have been through one store shut-down and don't want to go through another. But how do you get people to understand that even a benign neglect of rules can be enough to close us down. We have a new store that opened near by and our numbers have dropped. We have to do what we do even better because we are harder to access. In this economy, it is the details that matter.
People can always find other places to spend their dwindling amounts of money.

I am really trying to come up with ways of dealing with managers who do not do their jobs and coworkers who appear to either be totally clueless or totally lacking in personal integrity. I am not paid enough to be this upset. But what these people do does have an effect on me.

Unfortunately, one way I deal with this stuff is to detach. I hate doing that, but getting totally upset over an $8/hour with no tips job is definitely a losing proposition.

Oh well...

Anyone out there need an Episcopal Priest with a masters degree in psychology, (specializing in the psychobiology of Alzheimer's Disease), with experience in Program Direction for people with Mental Retardation, who knows how to make a killer Caramel Frappuccino, who can repair your stained glass windows and give a planetarium show in a pinch?

Really, this is no joke, have you got a job for me?


Lemuel said...

Wish I did! Truly I do!

Vic Mansfield said...

Hang in. You can froth my latte anytime.

Blessings for christmas and new years, too.

Anonymous said...

U should go to and check out the jobs there - they come up under "chaplain" but you are more than qualified. The ones I just saw include positions listed in many states at both hospitals and retirement homes.

Worth a look?

Ur-spo said...

I wish I could get you a job.
My parents are UCC - located in GPW, MI. I know their parish is looking for a new pastor; would this be something you would do?