Monday, December 08, 2008

Gift Exchange Present

A clock I made for the family gift exchange. I think it is pretty cute! I would keep it. Who knows, maybe I will make another for myself! One of the things that I love about making stained glass, all the glass for the petals came from the same piece of glass. I almost hated to cut it up!

The flowers have absolutely nothing to do with the gift exchange, but I just downloaded the pictures off of my camera. These are the flowers Nick and I bought for each other. We got each other flowers for our anniversary. We agreed we would not buy anything for each other and of course we both lied! Nick bought roses for me, I bought carnations for him. So we put them together into a bouquet.

This is our third anniversary! (Nov. 28th)

You know, I find it interesting: We celebrate our anniversary not based on marriage but based on first time "together." In many ways, this is the kind of thing that the fundies would want. They would want to measure the relationship from when it was consummated. And here are us "Abominations" doing just that! Just goes to show you!


Lemuel said...

I love the clock.

I love the flowers. When I read your comment about how you each got flowers for the other and put them in the vase together, I marveled at what a wonderful and beautiful metaphor that is for your relationship. The two of you are - as are your flowers - beautiful together. May you have many more happy years togehter!

As for the fundies - first tiem together? first time consumated? for them there is a difference? LOL! (I know what happens in the back seat of their cars on the first date!)

Ur-spo said...

happy anniversary to you two wicked abominations !