Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jesus is coming! Look BUSY!

You know, all this talk about the Rapture has gotten me thinking.  I think it is rather sad.  Not sad for the people who are having fun with it, (and I will admit that I am one of those people!) but for those who believe it.  I think it is sad that people are so caught up in the need to "get right with God" that they go overboard with the whole rapture thing.

The Lutheran take is that since we cannot know the day or hour, that all the predictions of the rapture are useless.  We are to always be prepared for Christ's return.  We are to live our lives always not just looking busy, but being truly busy about God's work in the world.  This is not something that we are supposed to be doing on one day to make a good show, we are supposed to be doing it all the time, because that is what Christ would want.

Now, of course, being human we are going to mess this up.  But that is why we have forgiveness; not so that we can just be lackadaisical in our lives, but for the assurance that when we do fall short, we have not failed.

(Gosh, I have been away from the pulpit for too long!  Sorry!!)

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