Saturday, May 21, 2011

30+ Day Challenge

Day 14: Favorite Place to Eat.

Ok, as far as restaurants go, I am pretty easy.  I LOVE brew pubs.  Give me a great beer and a burger and I am happy.  Throw in a trivia game and I am in heaven!

I am not into fru-fru restaurants.  I always am afraid of what I am going to eat and that I may be using the wrong utensil.  And having a waiter stand behind me waiting to move my chair or refill my glass just makes me nervous.  (Yes, I have been to places like this.)

Of course there is a whole different way of thinking about "favorite places to eat," but I am NOT going there  you sick puppies!  ;-)

And out of the Brew Pubs that I have been to, my favorite would have to be the Potosi Brewery in Potosi, WI.

Not quite sure why I like this place, but it is just very nicely designed and the people who work there are a lot of fun!

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