Tuesday, May 24, 2011

30+ Day Challenge

Day 16: Nicknames

(Oops!! I missed a day!)

Well, it is hard to speak of nicknames when using a pseudonym.  Any nickname that I mention generally refers back to my real name.  The reason I want to keep my real name out of this is I like having this blog to share thoughts and vent feelings.  If my congregations knew about it, I could get into a fair amount of trouble.

There are some that I can refer to that do not reference my name.  One is Preacher Boy (for obvious reasons).  Another is Steve (for not so obvious reasons).

Steve came from a t-shirt I had that had a Rorschach on the front and on the back said "My name is not Steve"  The Rorschach was a marketing brainstorm I had that didn't get off the ground:  I was going to make shirts with ink blots and call them Rorshirts.  The "My name is not Steve" was a mistake a shirt place made so I got the shirt free.  When I wore the shirt at camp, the name Steve stuck.

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