Tuesday, May 03, 2011

30+ Day Challenge

Day 1: Introduce yourself with a recent picture and 15 interesting facts

Hummm... 15 interesting facts.  (What constitutes interesting?)
1.  I am the youngest of four kids.
2.  When I was 10 years-old, I was the state Hula-Hoop finalist.
3.  In high-school, I had a one-act play I wrote produced and won 3rd prize.
4.  I have been doing stained glass for about 6 years.
5.  I use potato chips as spoons to eat pork and beans.  (You should try it!)
6.  I have three tattoos.
7.  I have one piercing.  (Which I  cannot show in public!)
8.  I collect nativity scenes.
9.  I have worked as a nursing assistant, a psychologist, a barista, a cashier, a paperboy, a camp counselor, a pastor, and currently, a priest.
10.  I have been with my partner Nick for over five years.
11.  Nick is my first (and only) male partner.
12.  I have met one of the doctors who pioneered the open-heart surgery and had him narrate an actual open-heart surgery as it was occurring.
13.  I am a HUGE Frank Lloyd Wright fan.
14.  I was, at one point in my life, a triathlete.
15.  I am very introverted so being a priest can be a challenge.

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