Thursday, May 19, 2011

30+ Day Challenge

Day 12: Dream house

OMG!  I could write an entire coffee-table book about this one!  I have been dreaming about this for years!  The ultimate question for an architecture geek! 

Falling Water:  A Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece!

The Gamble House:  Greene and Greene, an Arts and Crafts masterpiece!

The Robie House:  Another FLW masterpiece.  I was able to tour this once.  It was so cool; I was the only person on the tour!

The House on the Rock:  Alex Jordan.  Almost more a collection of collections than a house.  But oh so cool!

The Quest House:  Unknown Architect.  This is the only house I have ever went through the process of buying.  I lost it when I left the ELCA.  I loved this house; it was all those things I loved in a building I could afford.  It had a fireplace, hardwood floors, arched pass-throughs, and an incredible back yard.  I still get a little misty thinking about it.

But my ultimate dream house is anywhere my Nick is!  As long as he is at my side, I can take on anything!!

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Raven~ said...

Dr. Benton, for me --
The Greene & Greene designs. Oh Yes.
Had the privilege to stay in a home designed by Bernard Maybeck in Berkeley, and a Greene & Greene in Claremont. Exquisite -- or at least very much to my taste.

Were I to design one for myself, it would be based on Japanese architecture and landscaping, but decorated in Russian Art Nouveau/Byzantine/Japanese ... many many many running streams and pools :-)