Saturday, November 15, 2008

Work, Ugh

I have probably come as close as I ever have to tossing a drink into a customer's face, today. I just hope that it makes the people feel oh-so-special to have the "power" to tell the barista what to do.

As you can probably guess, the past week has been a hum-dinger. I have really been trying to find some kind of redeeming factor in my job at the ol' Starbucks. I guess I have to resort to superiority. If someone's life is so sad that lording their "power" over some poor minimum-wage SOB is the only satisfaction they can get, then I guess I am happy I can bring a little happiness into their lives.

Is there anyone in leadership roles that are qualified to be there?

What has been frightening me is that I just get so frustrated and angery that I either want to do something like toss the Chai in the woman's face or just walk off the job and tell them all to bite me. I get to the point where I find it hard to function in a normal manner (whatever that may be). I hate myself for acting and feeling that way but all that that does is increases my anger/frustration level.

I feel like Ur-Spo's whole Childish Thoughts thing but get to the point where I feel unable to stop the flow of negative thoughts. I have been able to prevent myself from doing anything that will get me fired, but it keeps getting harder and harder.

Like I said before, this feeling is vary familiar; it reminds me of the time right before I left my first call. I really don't want to go back that time in my life! I don't want to relive those feelings.

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tornwordo said...

True, some people feel out of control in their own lives and take out their aggressions on service folk. It's why I can't do it anymore.