Monday, November 24, 2008

Day Off

Nick gave me one of my Christmas presents early today. That's Right! It is a Christmas count-down clock! I absolutely love it! He said he could have waited until Christmas to give it to me, but what fun would that be? So I got to open it today and I was totally floored. I saw one a couple of years ago and have wanted one since. Now I have one! Nick is such a sweetie!

I have finished one-third of the stained glass sun catchers I am making for my coworkers. It takes me about an hour to get one out. Right now, I think the green one is my favorite. I find myself mentally thinking who should get which one. Of course, I want to give the best ones to the people I like!

It was snowing this afternoon. As I was driving to go work on glass, I drove over the Red Cedar river. It looked so pretty I decided to take some pictures. (Yes, I know the first picture is upside down but I like it better that way!)

I also went jewelry shopping today. For my piercing. (No, Nick and I are not planning a trip to Connecticut.) I was wearing a Jesus Christmas sweatshirt. I had so much fun going into Hot Topic with a Jesus shirt on and seeing if someone is going to wait on a 40's Christian. Then to ask them about 10 gauge captive bead body jewelry and watch the puzzled look on their face is priceless!

Hope your day is going great!


Ur-spo said...

Those are lovely photos; I miss winter, really
What happens when the snowman gets to zero - does he melt?

Lemuel said...

re: the jewelry - you are *so* "bad"! *giggle*

Steve said...

You seemed like such a smart man until you said " piercing..."

I tried Googling "captive bead body jewelry," but it took me to Painful Pleasures, and some of the "art" just sent shivers right up and down my spine. I can't even imagine where you'd put some of those...

More power to you, though. Glad it's you, and not me...