Friday, November 07, 2008

The Pretty Good Storm

Yah, it has not been the "Perfect Storm" around here, but it has certainly been trying.

Sometimes the things of life just seem to come at you too fast and too unrelenting. (Maybe those words mean the same thing. IDK. Just think of it as Hebrew Poetry.)

Unfulfilling jobs.
Tight financial situation.
Not enough sleep.
Stupid peoples' stupid attitudes having a direct impact on my life.
Change from daylight saving time to standard time.
Having my past memories of leaving my former denomination revived.

They all just pile up.

Then I see how this is effecting Nick. He is also underemployed. He is also suffering with our financial hardships. And he is also getting to the point where he should be able to look with expectation to a time of retirement. A time that right now doesn't look like it will ever come.

I guess we could throw a few more things into the mix (which I hesitate to even think about) and that would make it a perfect storm. But for right now, the Pretty-Good Storm is just making life harder to handle.

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Lemuel said...

Well, I can confirm that you were awake in Hebrew class or at least during your course in the Psalms! *grin*

I know those storms and now when I do find a brief period of calm I have come to the conclusion that I am only in the eye, that the back of the storm will hit at any moment.