Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Prop 8 Backlash

I guess I really haven't said a whole lot about my feelings on Prop 8. Obviously, I am against it. But do I want people to have to quit their jobs over donating to Prop 8? Well, that is a more difficult matter.

I guess if you are going to donate to a controversial cause, you need to realize that people are going to react. I would not want the money that I pay out to be used against me. If I knew that someone was going to use the money that I gave them to restrict my rights, I would find another person or option.

I don't see it as witch hunt. I see it as self preservation.

I am sorry Mr. Raddon quit his job, but when your paycheck is directly connected with the work of gay folks, and you support a prop that has direct negative effects on said gay people, you should not be surprised when those gay people feel betrayed and withdraw their support.

I think those who say they are baffled by the response are being disingenuous.

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