Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Starbucks Boy Lives!

Well, I guess I am back at Starbucks. I decided to take the Starbucks job at the same place where Nick works. I decided I would rather do what I knew instead of getting place in the remodel crew and guessing what I would be doing. Besides, with the remodel, I would be working full time. With Starbucks, I have the possibility of working less. I really want to get some time off.

Today we paced up the store where I worked. With all the posters, signs and menus down. And with the "We are closed" sign out, we still had almost 10 people ask us if we were open. Someone actually walked over the rope and past the sign and began to order. I told him that I could take his money and drive down road to get his drinks for him. Then he looked around and said, "Oh."

So now, I get to work at the deli for two days and then I go to the other store. I had suggested that I could take the two days off so I wouldn't need to get a new uniform shirt. But they decided I wanted to learn the deli for two days and they gave me a shirt for those two days.

Do people who are in leadership roles even think?

So, since I still work at Starbucks, the boy in the Starbucks speedos continues to grace the web!


Lemuel said...

Ah Barista Ben lives! :)

Ur-spo said...

the notion of starbucks closing still sounds amazing to me.