Friday, August 08, 2008

Meme from Spo

Do you know how to play bridge?

No, I had some friends try to teach me in seminary. I also got a "Grand Slam" even though I didn't know that it was something that is very rare.

Were you forbidden, as a child, a certain thing that everyone else was had?

I don't think so. We were Roman Catholic so there were the Lent meat related things. But I also think there were less "gotta have it" things when I was a kid as there are now.

Have you been to Mount Rushmore?

Yep, in the early 80's. I tried to think of it as a piece of art at which it kind of fails. It is very big though!

What is the oldest item in your pantry?

I don't think we have a pantry. As far as cabinet, not too much, we have moved so often that we tend to throw a bunch of stuff away as opposed to carting it elsewhere.

Despite many attempts, what can’t you understand?

Finances. I just don't get it. And NASCAR. Someday I want to understand how a six pack of Bud and NASCAR can be the definition of a "good weekend."

Can I get you a drink?

Glenlivet, neat.

Have you seen someone die?

I have seen people die in the emergency room and in their own room. Being a hospital chaplain will do that to you.

What A.A. Milne character are you?

Sometimes Eeyore, sometimes Piglet, and on my best days, Pooh himself.

Were you ever discriminated or turned down from a job because of who you are?

Well, I guess losing my church would count. Granted, I chose to leave. But it was either live a lie, quit, or be kicked out.

Do you own a fondue set? And do you actually use it?

No fondue. I have been to a fondue party and it was fun, but I have no desire to own one.

Go back in time and tell yourself “please oh please don’t do…….”

Humm... That one is tough. There are a lot of *cringe* "don't do that" events like not locking the back door. But "please oh please don't do...." There are some things in my life that have caused chain reactions that have had some painful consequences, but I still would not undo the events.

Is there anything you are or do that you actually thought you would be doing?

Not a damn thing. I could NOT have foreseen this trajectory for my life. I guess the only thing would be that I am a clergy being. Although I thought I would probably be a Roman Catholic priest, not an Episcopal priest.

Who made you smile today?

Nick, he always makes me smile! (Aw, how mushy is that?)

Edina Monsoon or Patsy Stone?
Never watched AbFab.

Bonus question –

You are on holiday. Do you

a) see the sights

b) go shopping

c) hit the bars

d) lounge by the pool

e) partake in physical activities like hiking or skiing or boating

A of course! Stores are stores. Pools are pools. Bars are bars. But, seeing a 1/8 scale model of the Eiffel Tower, well, that is priceless!!

(Thanks to Ur-Spo for the meme and the pix!)


Lemuel said...

Mushy or not, it was nice and I think Nick would appreciate it!

As for the last one, your answer reminds me of the movie "Michael"(?) in which the angel (Travolta) wanted to see the larges ball of string or some such thing.

Ur-spo said...

thank you for playing along

no abfab may constitute a violation of the gay card in some states....