Saturday, August 02, 2008

Nick's Birthday

Yesterday was Nick's 60th Birthday!

He posted some of the events on his blog, so you can look there.

I had a fun time planning for his birthday. Sixty is something to celebrate! I would have liked to do more, but finances did not allow. Oh well.

In some ways, it was kind of a comedy of errors. You know, those "best laid plans" kind of things.

I felt bad waking Nick yesterday morning. But I had bought a French Press coffee pot for him since he had mentioned he would like one. I had to be at work early, so if I wanted to give him the pot, it would have to be somewhat early. But I think he did not mind.

Then there was the plans for dinner. I had planned to take Nick to /'Aut/ for dinner. This is a VERY gay friendly restaurant and bar in Ann Arbor. I made reservations for Friday night. Then I bought a cake and was going to take it to the restaurant so it could be brought to our table. I called to make sure this was ok, and was told that they would supply a cake, but they would not deliver a cake bought elsewhere. Then the guy on the phone checked for the reservation and realizied we were not in his book. So he again took our reservation and decided that they would deliver the cake. (I think he was embarrassed that reservation got lost.)

I got off work early and picked up the cake from the store where I worked. As I turned around after paying for the cake, Nick was standing behind me! (Now, remember, the cake was sitting right there, in a clear case, with "Happy 60th Birthday" written bigger than life.

Well, it saved me a trip to Ann Arbor to take the cake to the restaurant! (Nick, I know you will be reading this: I was never upset! I find the whole situation to be quite funny!) We also got to spend the afternoon together. (I was supposed to work until 5, but got off early to run to Ann Arbor.)

We made it to Ann Arbor and had a wonderful dinner. Then we killed a little time around town and went to the local dance club called Necto. Friday night is "Pride Night" so we hung out with the local college crowd. They also had $2 Long Island Iced Teas until 11 pm. We also got in free because we "Old Farts" got there early. So, with cheap drinks and no cover, I plied Nick with alcohol and proceeded to show those young bucks that Sexy Gay Men come in all shapes, sizes, and ages!

Well, we headed home and had a piece. (Of the CAKE! You sick puppies! ) BUT!!! After the cake...

Oh well, it was a wonderful day. I got to spend time with my sweetie and got to celebrate a milestone in his life.

Life is good.


Lemuel said...

after the cake, huh...

Ur-spo said...

many happy returns to him.
you two are very fortunate.