Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Terrorism Is Alive and (Unfortunately) Well

Yes, so much for "love the sinner." Sorry, you don't love somebody and want to kill them. You don't even just threaten to kill them.

This letter was sent to eleven gay bars in Seattle. Yes, 2009, the year of change and nothing seems to have changed. Stupid scared people are still threatening the one thing they are afraid of. Instead of looking their fear in the eye and facing up to it, they must put on this whole bravado thing and, more frighteningly my even follow through with it.

I am so quickly losing any faith I had in humanity. Sometimes I think it might just be better if we all just blew each other up and allowed the world start all over again. New flood but this time with no ark. People, in general are a crock of s**t. All you humanists out there, GET A CLUE!

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Anonymous said...

Alas I am not surprised. Evil has always been with us and will remain so. It is upsetting but not at all surprising.