Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The World Wide Weird

You have to love the little gizmos that you can add to your blog. They make life interesting. Just recently I have had a bunch of people hit on my post about bouch fup. I saw people were coming to the blog through Google and through a site called Theoryland. I was able to link to Theoryland and found this post on a message board:

I got a Christmas ornament this year that was a red tin sign...it just said:

and underneath had a little metal sign saying "bouch fup"

anyone know what Bouch Fup means? I tried to find it online with a lot of random links. A couple said "Bridge Fail" which I thought was probably an incorrect translation.

Help from the Europeans?

: )
On a later post, someone linked to my blog.

I couldn't believe someone else got the ornament and couldn't figure out what it said either! All around bad marketing in my opinion. What is also funny is that someone actually gave the ornament as a gift! I wonder if the giver knew what the ornament said?

At work, I asked about 10 people what the words were. One was able to figure it out.

Ah, life on the web.

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Anonymous said...

I used to grade 8th grade English papers. It says "much fun." And I'll bet a girl wrote it. :)