Sunday, January 04, 2009

Weekend Rehash

Well, as weekends are wont to do, this one is coming to an end. And, of course, with the end of the weekend comes the dread of the work week. Also, with the end of the weekend comes the evaluation of the weekend.

First, the dread of the work week. I wish I would get excited about work. I would like to be excited and look forward to what I am doing. the problem is that this job is really BORING! For the most part, I like the people I work with. But I am just not intellectually stimulated by the job. I would love to spend more time doing the church things.

Ok, now we have the weekly rant about the job out of the way. Now on to the weekend.

It was actually a wonderful weekend. I got my sermon done early because I reran one of my favorites. So, with that done, it meant that Nick and I had Saturday off together. This doesn't happen too often.

So, having time off, I looked for something intriguing to do. I found Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum. It was a lot of fun. A lot of interesting things to be seen.

This was an "angel" who would tell you about your love life. It was definitely freaky. He had little wings that flapped, he wore a diaper, and his legs moved. As I said, kind of freaky.

I also saw this odd specimen in the place. VERRRRRYYYYY FRRRRIIIGHTENING!!!

We then did some bumming around around in the suburban Detroit area. I managed to get a clerical shirt that finally fits right. I hate having to order shirts and then have to wait to see if they fit right. Well, I finally got to try some shirts on in order to find one that fit!

Of course, it would do me no good because worship had to be canceled today because of ice. Now, this would have been wonderful if I hadn't been only nine miles away from the church when the ice started. The last nine miles were spent going 15 mph. Acceleration caused me to fishtail and braking started skids. When I got to the church, I slid past the entrance to the parking lot and then ended up parking sideways because the parking lot was total ice. So even though I had a new shirt, no one got to see it. Oh well.

I finally got home and Nick made it home. Then Nick had to go to work. I was tired of sitting at home, but too lazy to go anywhere. So... I took down the Christmas tree.

I don't like taking down the tree; it is the final reminder that the promises that society makes to us about Christmas failed to materialize. So the tree is down. The decorations are not totally gone but getting there. The world just seems less friendly after Christmas.


Anonymous said...

clergy shirts never fit right!
the museum looks interesting, even if a bit freaky
as for the ice, the important point to me is that both you and Nick are safe!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Benton, I read your comments over at Ourobamaland and just wanted to say that you articulated yourself so much better than I did. Thanks for taking on the commentary. Jen Kidsofqueers