Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekend Stuff

Well, the weekend is on its way out. Not much to say about it. It has been nice. I actually had two days off so I enjoyed just not having to go make coffee.

Yesterday, Amber and I went for a walk in the park. It was a great late summer day with a nice amount of warmth and very low humidity. While walking, Amber and I saw some interesting plants. And since Doug shouldn't get all the fun of posting pictures of plants, I decided I would also post some pictures of the plants I saw along the way.

Dogus Peedonus

Dogus Fertilizedus

Makeus Meitchus

Whatus Wasthefrogthinkingus

This is also the third anniversary of the day I met Nick. We had to laugh when we saw what the readings were going to be for this Sunday.

Three years ago, I went to visit Nick's church for the first time. Nick preached on the gospel and discussed how we should approach people with whom we have problems. It was a pretty good sermon. But what made it a totally memorable sermon was the fact that after the service, two lesbians got into a knock-down, drag-out fight in the parking lot! My first time visiting this church and there are fisticuffs in the parking lot. Well, needless to say, I didn't let the fighting stand in my way of getting to know the associate pastor of this church!

Nickus Mybelovedus


Beartoast said...

Congratualtions darlings! And, I am SO impressed with your Latin. oink

Beartoast said...

oink, as in Pig Latin, ok?

Lemuel said...

I think your last picture is of a very rare and special species. Hang on to it (the species, not just the picture). :)

Lesbian fisticuffs, huh? We (male) gays would have held a cook off.

Doug Taron said...

Congrats and happy anniversary. The dogpeedonit plant it jewelweed. It's noteworthy because
1. Juice from the stems can relieve the itch of poison ivy and
2. The seed pods explode delightfully. My friends and I used to love playing with them when we were kids.

Ur-spo said...

touch the nickus for me, but not the nasty three leaf plant.