Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

Sometimes I feel that people are truly "sheeple." We are currently out of the hot sleeves for the cups. So we put a second cup on each drink. Eve after the people pick up the drink and walk away, they will come back and want a sleeve. Even though it shouldn't be hot because there are two cups, they have been conditioned to "need" a sleeve. Having to explain it gets old.

Yes, the Christmas stuff has begun to hit the shelves.

I guess this is good. Having a spacebound farm would be way too expensive.

This is the next glass project in the foil stage. Nick said, "We need a Halloween decoration of some kind." He was expecting a Jack-O-Lantern or something small. But you would think he would know me better by now! Why make a little suncatcher when you can make a PROJECT!

Even animals have more common sense than some people I know!

When had the center lane of traffic become the "Slow Lane?" It seems like that is the lane that all the blue-haired ladies get into and will not budge, no matter what the speed of the rest of the traffic.

My manager asked me today if I had considered a position in management. I said that I had but I really wanted to stay working with the church. But I have to tell you, sometimes I wonder, could I do just a much for the kingdom by working in retail? I don't know.

Have a great day!


Ur-spo said...

i love the suncatcher
and i love the llamas sign too

Lemuel said...

The llama sign is the best!

as for doing for the church by working in retail, my mind went to the multitude of media preachers who hawk their wares on TV like religious infomercials. Perhaps in retail you could do for the church what those bastards are doing for retail (supposedly) working for the church.