Friday, September 12, 2008

I Want One!

A flying RC lawn mower. Does it get any better?

(Thanks to the electronic replicant)


Ur-spo said...

no you don't.

cb said...

Whoever was flying that is a good RC pilot... that thing must fly like a pig.

Hmmm, now THERE'S an idea... make a pig that flies!

Steve F. said...

Now THAT's a HOOT!

Heck, it would be fun enough just to taxi it around as the REGULAR lawn-care people were working. Worth the price of admission!

And CB's right, I'd guess it flies like a brick. The sales brochure says Landings require a little finesse as the Sky Cutter will come in at a high alpha angle. With a combination of power and elevator, it will touch down softly.

Like I said, like a brick...