Monday, September 01, 2008

First Day At The New Old Job

Today I started my new job. Well, actually, it is the same old Starbucks job at a new place. Now Nick and I work in the same building, but it doesn't look like we will ever have the same shifts. So even though we are going to the same place, we will still need to take two cars.

But the first day went well. I guess I wouldn't have expected anything different. So far the people seem nice. One of my coworkers didn't quite know what to expect but I think I proved that I did know what I was doing and could be trusted to make the drinks correctly. Just some tweaking of the way things are done. Even though it is supposed to be the same at each store, each place has its own little quirks. So I guess I will spend some time learning the quirks.

I did shave off the beard and mustache so now I am bald of face. I still have to do a double take when looking in the mirror. It has been a while since I have seen my naked face.

I have 40 hours this week, but then my schedule will get cut down a bit. That will be nice.

I will have to take another picture to show you my new view from the box.


Ur-spo said...

boo hoo to the lose of the whiskers; but I am not objective on the topic.
good luck with the new job - do you make that lemonade/tea mixture there?

Lemuel said...

Was it a job requirement that you be clean of face?

Good luck at the new place. Right out of high school I worked for a local dairy chain that had a bunch of little milk and bread shops - a kind of pre-cursor to convenience stores - with mini- deli's and ice cream/sode "bars". I ended up working in three different stores and although the rules were the same there were always variances in practice.

Vic Mansfield said...

bah humbug to naked faces. What? was there mustache hair in the double shot, low fat, latte cappuchinos? What's a little protein?