Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Things

This is the current state of the piece of glass I am making. I lovingly call her "DeVinci Chic." This is where the whole thing gets fun. The cutting and the grinding is done. Now the taping and soldering. It is at this point that the piece comes alive. I am very excited.

Church went well. I liked this sermon. You can read it here. The new congregation seems nice and I am excited about it all. I just wish I could be there more. Oh well, maybe with time and God willing.

Work is frustrating because we never get any straight answers. As I have stated before, it looks like they will be putting me in the butcher shop part of the store. Maybe it will be enough impetus to become a vegetarian.

Nick is again working a day from hell. He worked the same schedule last Sunday and it just has to be hard. Leaving the house at 8 am and getting home at 11:30 pm is not a good thing. I worry about him.

I got a phone call from my sister before church this morning. It seems my former BIL died yesterday. They had been divorced for over 10 years, but it still is a bit of a shock. He had HIV and we are assuming that is what got him. I agree with my sister, I just hope he didn't have to die alone. Even though I was not his biggest fan, no one should have to die alone.

I guess that is all for now. Hope you are all having a good weekend and spending time with the ones you love.

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Lemuel said...

best wishes for you and Nick in all the goings on.

Special thoughts for your sister and the ex-BIL's family.