Monday, July 14, 2008

Debt Counselor

I am going to see a debt counselor tomorrow. I am a bit apprehensive about the whole situation. I know I should not be. I know they are going to try to work with me. But still, I have this image of the counselor just looking at me and saying, "You are a bad boy."

The swirl of emotion surrounding this whole thing is just incredible. I feel shame, guilt, and anger. This is a situation in which I never thought I would find myself. I was of the generation that was lead to believe that all you had to do was go to college and you would end up, if not rich, at least comfortable.

Now, here I sit with two Masters Degrees and the only thing I can brag about is some people wait for me to be at work to get their Caramel Macchiato 'cause they say I make the best. I guess that is something to be excited about, but I didn't spend over $30,000 for that honor.

And I am angry because a large chunk of the situation I am in has to do with my being gay and the world's stupidity about being gay. I am not going to rehash it 'cause if you have read any of my posts, you know most of the story.

So, hopefully, I will find a way to get things paid off and get the creditors to stop calling me. I sure hope it all goes well.


Lemuel said...

I wish you the best. If the credit counselor is doing his/her job, he/she will not make you feel like a "bad boy", but will help you. I am hoping that they will be helpful to you.

Karen said...

Hey Benton - thru a series of bad judgement calls and a few small catastrophies my husband and I flied for bankruptcy a few years back. There was no other way out. And let me tell you - things now are great. You are not the only one in financial trouble and the banks and lenders seem to know that. We were able to pay off the bankruptcy early and we have great credit now.
If they make you feel like a bad boy you can walk away. There are lots of different debt counselors out there.
We'll be thinking about you.

sattvicwarrior said...

a GOOD part about this .. you NOW KNOW you are GAY. and the WORLD is STUPID. a small price to pay considering more than HALF of the world is asleep at the wheel, so a little bit of pain can make one think , thought makes one wise,
and WISDOM makes life ENDURABLE.. We all close ONE door some time or another to open another.

Ur-spo said...

lots of people come to me feeling ashamed and angry and sensing they will be judged/chastised.
i hope your appointment is just what it should be a financial consultation. good luck.