Thursday, February 19, 2009

Venting My Spleen

I sure hope this helps me to get to sleep!

I quit my job this evening. I had had enough of all the shinanaigans that go on there. I felt like I was babysitting. At least babysitters get $10 per hour, not a measely $8 I am currently getting.

I really do try hard to do the best job that I can, but when you have management that shirks their duties, it makes it hard. And when you have coworkers that appear to not care at all, it makes it almost impossible. And if no one around me cares, then why should I care? I end up feeling like a fool.

I know I am not irreplacable, but with the current staff they have, it is going to be difficult. But I just don't care anymore. I hate the person I have become since working there. I hate the way I feel like I have to resort to being a child to get anything to happen. I try to conduct myself with some sense of decorum, but the only way anyone seems to notice is if you scream and stomp your feet.

I did get talked into going back tomorrow, but we will see how long this will last.

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