Tuesday, February 03, 2009


"Aftermath" is the word that I guess fits. Not really in the sense that what is happening is horrible, but in the way of having something big happen and then having to deal with "what comes next."

Work yesterday was terrible! I kept thinking, "I am going to be able to quit!" If this goes through, I will be able to quit this whole thing. But the problem is that the full-time stuff won't be able to happen until August. I keep trying to put a positive spin on the job (I work here so I can keep the church job) but it really doesn't make things that much easier.

I just wish I could get out of this job. We have three SBX in a one mile area. And with all of the talk of closures, it is making all of us (at least those of us over 25) nervous. The younger ones are just being kids, but in this market, we need to outshine our neighbors, not just keep up.

I also really want a vacation, not just a couple of days off. Unfortunately, the "couple days off" end up being used for church stuff, not really getting away. Even if we go somewhere, there is always the thought of "is the sermon done?"

But the other good thing with the possibility of full-time is HEALTH INSURANCE! It will be nice to have it again after almost three years.

So, life goes on. The full-time thing is not written in stone. I need to make sure that I don't jump onto it just because it is there. But at this point, it sounds like something good.

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