Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Round-up

(I am going to have to start rerunning titles because I am running out of synonyms for "recap.")

Well, one of the high points of the weekend was being able to preach one of my favorite sermons. I wrote this a few years ago and have been able to preach it about three or four times. It does just about everything I think a perfect sermon should do: It has pop-culture references. It tires the references back to theological truths. It catches your attention. It is applicable to our lives. It draws us into the church and sends us out into the world. I even had a friend remind me of part of it. (More on that later.)

The job situation still is causing me problems. I just don't want to be doing this anymore. But the feeling of being trapped is just overwhelming and the thought of quitting is untenable. That is the trapping aspect.

I was able to chat with a friend from the church about the whole job/church thing. She helped me to keep in mind that I need to remain present but not entangled. She also helped me to find some ways of moving beyond what is happening and see that there really is a future beyond Starbucks. And she also reminded me of my sermon and helped me to look at the light of Christ instead of the dim light of the world. The job is a tool. It is not an end point. I need to keep remembering this.

Nick and I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on Saturday and it was WONDERFUL! We just sat on our butts, watched the snow fall, and played computer games. Sometimes that is what is needed; no pressure to do anything. We all need days like this.

Now it is time to start a new week. I feel my anxiety level is going up, but hopefully I will be able to keep it in check.

I just want to tell the world how blessed I have been to have Nick. Even when I am freaking out, he has been calm and supportive. My actions have serious impact on him but he still manages to keep his perspective, even when I have lost all perspective. He reads my blog so I just want to let him know that I love him more every day.

Ok, enough of the sappy stuff.

While talking with my friend, she also gave me some perspective on what is happening in the church. She has let me know that there have been some really positive changes happening in the congregation. She said we actually appeared to be "church," which is something new for this congregation. So even though I may not see change, because I do not have perspective, change is happening. And not just change for changes sake, but positive change.

So I guess the weekend did what it should do, it provided a time of renewal: and that is good!

Peace to all...

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