Thursday, February 26, 2009

Even Amoebas Have Boundries

I mean really! Even something as low as a single-celled organism has more boundaries than some people in my congregation.

I have had a run in with this person before. (I was trying to find if I posted about it but I am too lazy to look.) Last time she was all upset because my office was "messy." I told her that I would just close my door. I kept my office the way I wanted my office and if that was annoying to her, that it was just too bad.

She had a problem with the stuff on my desk and with placing my coat and my duffel bag on my chairs: "Someone might want to sit down and would have not place to sit." (Of course, I would NEVER move my coat, I would make anyone wanting to sit down sit on my coat. Yeah, right.)

Last night, after the Ash Wednesday service, I was talking with a parishioner and I had my office door open. (I was standing about 3 feet from the door.) This lady walks into my office and picks up my coat off the chair. She then puts it back down and walks out.

I don't know if I was more shocked or furious! Well, probably shocked first, then furious.

What shocked me even more was at the last vestry meeting, the senior warden made a statement: "Fr. Ben's office is HIS office. However he wishes to keep his office is HIS choice. Enough said."

Well, obviously, enough was not said.

A friend suggested that I should stop over to her house for a "pastoral visit" and just walk into her bedroom and start rearranging the furniture.

That might be an option!

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