Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Starting New Job

Well, the "new" job starts today. I put "new" in quotes because, as I said before, I am still working for 'bucks, just in a different location. The hardest part will be to keep the information that is revelant while staying open to the things that are new. Reminds me of a church I supplied at; "We do things the same way as nobody else." I am sure this goes for jobs too.

Of course, the uniform couldn't be the same. Yes, there is the black shirt, but they will supply me with one. And instead of the khaki pants, we are supposed to wear black ones. (Now, black pants and two cats do NOT go together!) And hopefully, the closer location will offset the $.75 less per hour. On well...

I have been dealing with credit companies, mainly HSBC. I try to explain that I am exceedingly underemployed. I have been dealing with them for some time now. Now I am told that there is insurence on my account in case I become unemployed! THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW! I currently owe more on my sofa than it origianlly cost. Every time a payment is missed, they tack a $39 service charge on. (Why not just make it $40? Are they trying to look "nice" by not charging so much?)

Again, it is times like this that makes me question my actions. I could have kept my mouth shut, stayed in the closet and things would have been fine. But I came out in a church that claims to be "open and accepting." Yah, right. Every time I hear that, it makes me ill.

I still love peoples' reaction when they hear that I am an unemployed clergy. Their first response is "Is that possible?" Then they look at me like, "Who did you have sex with?"

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Lemuel said...

I know the look, Ben.