Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Oops" or "On Purpose"?

Well, this is the passenger side rear quarter panel and door. It may be difficult to see in the pictures, but there are two definate dents in the truck. I am not sure if these dents were just an accident or if they were placed there on purpose (THE NEIGHBOR?). I don't know so I am not going to lay blame. I am not a big "car person" but I also do not like to have my truck dented.

UPDATE: I'm not going to file a report because the damage, while probably over the $1000 mark, is not going to get turned in. I can't afford the deductable. I hope whoever did it got some sense of relief from doing it.

Oh, Lemuel, the truck was in the parking lot of the apartment.


Anonymous said...

Where was the truck parked? Any "matches" in the area?

That sucks!

Ur-spo said...

how frustrating and enraging.
i am saddened for you.