Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Job Continued

Yesterday was a thrill! I got to spend seven hours in front of a computer screen learning all kinds of [sarcasm]fun and useful things![/sarcasm] Granted, there really is not good way of presenting all the information, but after seven hours, not a whole lot was getting in.

[whine]I miss having a ton of time to myself and being able to go with Nick when he travels to Flint.[/whine] I just need to find a way to get someone to sponsor my life. Maybe I could tattoo an ad on my body and then have someone pay me to walk around so the ad can be seen. I know it has been done before.

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Lemuel said...

I recall a couple of jobs for which I was trained by sitting in front of a TV with a VHS training tape or a book of compute documentation (we ALL know how good that stuff is).

When you find that sponsor, if they are willing to open up a "franchise" in PEE-AYY, please give them my card.