Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Life, as it is...

Well, I am feeling whiny, but what's new about that, huh?

I have been working temp and have been getting up at 5 am to be to work by 6. But when I get there, there is the search for something to do. The machines have been down so they keep searching for things to keep us busy. I know I should be happy to have a job, but just "keeping busy" is not my idea of a good time.

The problem is, I want a job I just hate applying for them. Why can't places have a stock application that can be filled out, copied, and then passed out. Having to fill in the same thing all the time is just getting old. I know, "Whine, whine..."

I have been starting earlier to make Christmas presents this year. Last year was just too much of a press. I also am thinking of doing some casual teaching of stained glass to people from the church. The church has given me a space to use so I though giving lessons would be a way to give something back.

So, Nick is working and I am doing temp. I am sick of the whole situation. I am sick of Nick feeling bad. I am sick of looking for a job that is nothing what I trained for. I am sick of calls being all over the place and not being able to take one.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought - did you ever consider either starting a stained glass shop or teaching stained glass art (for money and profit) at a local school/college/tech/art school center?

Ur-spo said...

try to count some blessings; it may help the bitterness.