Friday, September 21, 2007

Saying "Good Bye"

This evening, Nick closed the door to the house and I drove away. I could feel the tears welling but I was not going to give into them. I got into my truck and drove away.

I took some "Victorian Funeral" pictures of the place. Why? I don't know. Maybe just to have evidence of how the "Kind Christians" really do mess up peoples' lives. Did I lose my house because I was a bad pastor? Did I lose my house because I did anything illegal? Did I lose my house because I destroyed someones marriage? NO! I was a pretty good pastor. I left under no censure. I just left because I was gay, pure and simple.

Love the sinner, hate the sin. Even if homosexuality is a sin, is it a sin worth losing ones house over?

You may say, "But you chose to leave your call, you brought this on yourself."

True, I did leave, but the situation was such, and is still such, that staying was not an option. At the time, staying would have involved either fighting the system without the support of the senior pastor, being subject to official discipline, or remain in the closet. None of these options were acceptable.

So I said "good bye" to my call. I have said, "good bye" to my home. My therapist is retiring so I have also said, "good bye" to him.

I was the last patient my therapist will ever see. I guess it is kind of an honor. I will miss him also.


Anonymous said...

Say your goodbye's. Hold fast to that which was good. Look forward to new hello's.

Ur-spo said...

i still believe that God opens windows when doors shut; good luck in the great work that continues.