Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm Getting Tired

Well, probably "We are getting tired" would be better to say.

The house is almost entirely empty and the apartment is almost entirely full. I have SO MUCH STUFF! And Nick has been wonderful in not pushing me to get rid of stuff. I have been forced to get rid of so much lately that being pushed to get rid of more would be difficult, at best. Actually, Nick always asks if I am sure I want to get rid of the various things I place in the "throw" or "sell" piles.

For me, part of the whole thing is realizing that I am not getting rid of the people or the memories, just because I am getting rid of the stuff. Yes, when I look at the stuff, I feel a sense of comfort, but it is just a passing feeling. For the most part, I don't sit there contemplating the various things, I look and then go on. So, if I get rid of the things, I really am not "losing" a lot.

Nick has been great through all of this. He has been so supportive of me throughout all of this. That has truly been a gift. This move could have been a relationship breaker, but we seem to be working through the whole thing quite well.

I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and words. Soon this will be over and normal blogging will return!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, just what were you doing sneaking into our new place and taking pictures and then passing them off as pictures of your place?! :)

I know so well were you two are at. Unfortunately we now have a big attic, the better to store "stuff". Just what we needed! Not!