Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How Ironic

I heard a news article on NPR this morning talking about the thinning of the Arctic ice sheet and the wonderful benefits we can achieve from this. One of the great benefits will be the ability to extract the oil from under the ice cap.

Now does anyone else see the humor (?) in this? Because of greenhouse gasses, we have less ice on the ice cap. This thinning of the ice allows us to drill for oil and produce more oil. This allows us to burn more oil thus increasing the greenhouse gasses. This works to increase global warming and continues to think the ice caps.

The people on the radio sounded just so happy about this and how we need to jump on this windfall before we lose it.

I just couldn't believe they didn't see the irony of the situation.


Anonymous said...

I'd find it more humorous if the reality wasn't so disgusting.

Ur-spo said...

that sounds lunacy, not irony.

Steve said...

There was an AP article over the weekend about how the thinning ice sheets are contributing to 1-meter rise in ocean levels - and what that will mean to the US and Europe. And then the interesting part about how the rising sea levels will help melt more of the ice pack...and so on.

I'm thinking of a button I have somewhere that says, "Go, lemmings - go!"