Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This is kind of weird.

Well, since I have been unemployed, Nick and I have started spending more and more time together. It has been nice to actually spend some relaxing, unrushed time; not having to be anywhere and just being able to sit back and do nothing. It is so nice to actually get to feel more comfortable around him.

What is weird is Nick has been looking for jobs in my town. So if he gets a job here, he will be moving in with me. Just a year ago, I really didn't know who this man was; now we are looking at living together.

One of the things that frightens me is the simple fact that I have, more or less, lived alone for the past 20 years. Another thing, I am a slob. I don't know if I could live with someone. I don't know if someone could live with me!

But having Nick around for the past days has been great! He is out at an interview right now and will be going home later. I will miss having him around. I will miss knowing that he will be near if needed.

Our respective animals have a kind of detent going on. Once, all three of them were in the same room. But one of my cats doesn't seem to want to even acknowledge that there is a dog present in the house. She just hangs out in the attic and snubs us all.

I am not sure what is going to happen. I know that God will be here no matter what, though. So, weird or not, life goes on.


Lemuel said...

"vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit"

My best wishes for you and Nick. May all things work out well for both of you.

bear said...

Hey. You'll manage. It'll take time to figure it out (who stuff goes where and other small spats) but it all works out eventually and is still worth it. Being used to being alone might warrent you guys having your own private area, even a place where the other isn't allowed to go or where you are allowed to be alone. That's what we got going...well it's more like His private room where I can't go, but I respect it.