Thursday, September 28, 2006

Time Flies Like An Arrow...

But fruit flies like a banana.

I don't know why, but that silly little saying was wedged into my head this morning. One of those wonderful repetitive thoughts. Actually, I even think it made it into a couple of my dreams. What comes next? "Take my wife...Please!"

The kids were actually pretty good last night. Amber stayed on the bed most of the night. Madeline, one of the cats came up on the bed for a while. But Claudia, the more skiddish of the two, didn't even come into the room. Actually, while I am typing this, Madeline is right in front of the monitor and Amber is lying down by my feet. If Nick moves in, the critters will have to learn how to get along together.

One thing we will have to figure out is what to do with the food situation. Amber likes the cats' food, but the cats eat prescription cat food and it costs way too much to have them all eating it. I have the food up but I cant get the cats to show them where the food is. In the past, I have put the food in the attic because that is where the cats sought refuge. But with the weather getting colder, the attic door has been closed.

I get to have my psych evaluation tomorrow. A "wonderful" drive to Detroit tomorrow morning and then a bunch of silly tests. I shouldn't say "silly" but I have taken courses in testing design and administration. It is hard to give a "valid" answer when you know what the question is fishing for. So I usually end up with the title of "Avoidant." Oh, well...

Practice question: "When I think of my mother I feel..." Now, if I say, "Scared she will castrate me." they may think I have a mother who is emasculating. If I say, "like I need to open a window to breath" they may think my mother is suffocating, but actually it just means she needs to wear deodorant. (JUST KIDDING!) Maybe I should just say, "Empowered to go out and explore my world and be as effective as possible... and World Peace."

Oh, well...

I saw there will be a show on Jesus Camps, tonight on MSNBC. It is on Countdown at 8 pm EDT. Unfortunately, I don't get that channel. If anyone sees it or knows if it shows up on the web, let me know! Thanks!

Well, I am here today, Nick is in the Detroit suburbs. Hope all is well in your world.

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Lemuel said...

I hate those tests too.

You might be able to see a video replay of the Countdown thing via Follow the links to the Countdown show.

Another site that often has the Keith O. repeats is