Saturday, September 30, 2006

Now Everyone Knows...

Yes, now it is official: Everyone will know that I am crazy. The tests have been taken and the results have been sent in. And I just about laughed out loud when I got to the question, "When I think of my mother, I ..."

I did realize that the MMPI has become dated. They actually had a disclaimer letter to explain the use of non-gender neutral language and antiquated ideas. But they did say that the instrument was better than anything that is currently available.

I do find that fatigue does factor into these things. By the time I was getting to the end, I really didn't care what I put down. I tried to be conscientious, but I know I did get sloppy toward the end.

After taking the assessments, I called Nick who was at a conference, also in Detroit. We met for lunch which was nice. I would have liked to spend more time with him but he had things to do and I wanted to get out of the city before it got too late. (I have wimped out since I have been away from big cities.)

Unfortunately, it will take approx. 3 weeks to score the instruments and to write the report. Then I have to go back and have the thing debriefed. Only then will all the stuff be given to the ECUSA and I can officially be in the process.

The new temp job starts on Monday so that means some money actually will start coming in. I am happy about that. I hate worrying about money. I will have to say that God has been at work; just yesterday I had a former neighbor offer me $1000 if I needed it. She said, "That is what the world is about and that is what we should do."

Some people just awe me with their generosity.

She made me promise that I would ask if I needed it. I will make sure that I REALLY need it before I ask.

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Lemuel said...

There are a lot of us in the fun house. Come on in, and enjoy yourself now that you are (or will be) officially certified! LOL!

Be open. What you need will be there.