Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Sunday

I really haven't posted anything of substance in a while, and part of that is because I have been working. I have been stuffing envelopes for a mass mailing for a local Big 10 university near my home. It was really a load of fun, NOT! But it was better than just sitting around and doing nothing and getting paid nothing. So it was kind of boring but it brought in some money.

What I did learn is that I view things in the world way different than some people. There was a woman there who was talking about her son getting his $240 gold nugget bracelet stolen. I was a bit upset, the world can be a harsh place. Then I realized that she was talking about her 4 year-old son! Who would give a $240 bracelet to a 4 year-old! I just don't get it.

I will post more later, for now, Nick and I are off to church. Wow! Gay and Christian! Imagine that!

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Ur-spo said...

Happy Sunday to you too!
I too am 'off to Church' but for me it is Mass at the RC, swinging the rosaries....
I thought of you as we saw some old Jonny Qwest episodes last night. Oh to get at Dr. Qwest!
Oh to shut up that awful dog Bandit.....