Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tolerance of Diversity

Can we really be tolerant of diversity?

I like to post on the forum In All Things Love. But even on this forum that strives to be open and inclusive there is difficulty. The liberals claim that the fundamentalist are closed minded and the fundamentalist claim that the liberals are closed minded to the fundamentalists.

Often what I find is that I have been down the road that the fundamentalist are going and have found it to be a dead end. So if I state that I find the fundamentalist's stance a dead end, am I being intolerant? If we don't agree, are we being intolerant?

When it comes to things like homosexuality, where is the problem? If someone does not want to participate in homosexual acts, then that person does not need to. But what right does that person have to prevent others from participating in those activities.

How do we discuss such hot-button topics without getting into mudslinging and hatred? Can we really discuss such things? Is it possible to actually change someone's view?

I don't know.

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