Thursday, June 22, 2006

Resignation Letter

Who would think that writing a resignation letter would be so tough. I have gone through three different ones already and still am not too sure what to say.

It would be easy if I was just in a "regular" job. I would say I was leaving and that would be that. But leaving a position in a church can be much more difficult. How much do the people need to know? How to state things without inciting more questions? Will my leaving cause problems in the congregation?

Actually, if there are problems in the congregation, that is not my problem. People will react as they will react. Granted, I do have some responsibility to be mature about the process, but I cannot make people think or feel anything.

So, do I tell people that I am having problems with the direction the ELCA seems to be moving and the speed (or lack of speed) that it is moving? Or do I tell them exactly what my problems are with the polity of the ELCA and why I am leaving?

I am not ashamed of what I am and I do not have a problem in telling people, I just don't know if telling is the right thing. Unfortunately, I have to come up with something.

I will be meeting with the ELCA bishop on Wed. I hope it goes well.


Anonymous said...

Why are you resigning?

Anonymous said...

Do not tell the Bishop (unless you already have) that you are gay.

It is not his business. What you do sexually is between you and your mate/partner/lover and God...not others.

Does your Bishop reveal when he has sexual intercourse with his wife - each time it occurs? Of course not.

You do not need to confess to man (or your Bishop) what your life is and what you do sexually.

You have chosen to step down from the pulpit and that is your choice brother - but you have not chose to step out of life. There is a great difference.

Confessing to your Bishop that you are gay, will only do harm to you and your personal profession.

35 years ago I briefly knew a gay Lutheran pastor, who confessed to his Bishop - and it only opened the doors to an earthly hell for him. By the time all was finished - so was his pastorate, and his ability to minister unto others - because the church cut him off at the knees.

Share your feelings and thoughts with Christ and He will hear you. Read His Word ... and God will minister unto you. Confess and share with mankind your sexual needs and desires, and mankind will crucify you and put you through an earthly hell.

God loves you my friend - gay or not - He will never turn his back on you...He will never forsake you.

Warren of North Woods Guys