Monday, March 30, 2009

No Sermon Sunday

Hey folks! I didn't have to preach this week! I heard on Wednesday that the assistant to the Bishop was going to be at my congregation this Sunday. So that meant that I was not going to have to preach! I don't mind preaching, but when I don't have to, it is a nice break.

We still have been doing pre-moving things. We went to Ikea to find some storage options for the new place. I own dressers, but they tend to be used more as things to keep my clothes off the floor than as a means of storing my clothes. So we are going to try something a little more in keeping with my visual orientation. Ikea had some hanging, open front organizers. This way the items will not just be placed in the drawers and forgotten. I hope this works.

We also went to a gay bar on Friday night and a gay restaurant on Saturday. With the Ikea visit, I think this was quite a rainbow filled weekend!

Some observations of the past week have been license plates. I saw a Mustang driving down the highway. It was nice, a color I wouldn't choose but nice. Then the thing passed me. It had a vanity plate that said, "WAYCOOL" on it. Just let me say, it is not way cool to have to tell people that something is way cool.

Then there was the "mid-life crisis" modile. A corvette was sloloming down the highway. It appeared to be driven by someone in their 50's. Then I noticed the license place: "HAD2HAV." Why did he "HAD2HAV" it? And if he did "HAD2HAV" it, why would I care? And why would he spend extra money to tell me that he "HAD2HAV" it? Did he buy the car so he could enjoy it or so that other people would be jealous of him?

Maybe we need to get the "HAD2HAV" guy and the "WAYCOOL" guy together and see who imploded first from lack of adulation.

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